Port to jail: Three Nigerians imprisoned For Fraud in UK

Henrietta Samugana, 32, Oluwatobi Adegbenro, 36, and his brother Olaseni Adegbenro, 30, would be biting their fingers as they were sentenced to 12 months, eight months and 12 months respectively when they appeared in court yesterday. The Nigerian immigrants in the UK were reported to have tricked their way into the United Kingdom through a fake marriage and illegal employment.

Investigations revealed that the trio had stayed over their visa expiration dates and Samugana had used a fake Dutch ID card in the name of Carina Centeno to fraudulently get employment as a support worker at a care home. She had also used the false identity to marry Olaseni, and made three requests to the Home Office asking that her husband be granted UK residency – all were refused.

An operation involving police and immigration enforcement officers was launched, and they discovered a fraudulent UK driving license in the name of Oluwatobi Adegbenro at the trio’s flat in Yunus Khan Close, Walthamstow, where all three were living.

Robert Braybrook, from Home Office immigration enforcement, said: “These people treated the UK’s immigration laws with contempt, overstaying their visas and then attempting to use a variety of illegal and fraudulent means to remain in the country and obtain work to which they were not entitled.

“This case sends a clear message that people who ignore immigration law do so at their peril. They will be caught and they will be brought to justice.”

The trio had pleaded guilty to the charges against them at an earlier hearing.

Samugana admitted using a false ID card and fraud, Oluwatobi Adegnbenro and Olaseni Adegbenro both admitted possession of false ID documents with intent and seeking leave to remain in the UK by deception.


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